Gel Nails – Simple Instructions on Gel Nail Application

Gel Nails have become the latest and a more natural alternative to acrylic nails as they do not cause any damage to your real nails. Also, gel nails dry instantaneously and lift less when compared to acrylics. Gel nails can also be used to strengthen your natural nails by applying them as a base coat.

The increasing popularity gel nails have been receiving universally has tempted many to try it out themselves. Gel nail styles have been so exotic and multifarious that it surely entices many to embellish their nails with the new gel fashion fad.

If you are looking to enhance your nail beauty through gel nails by doing it yourself, it is important to understand their application to prevent any harm to your nails. Being the hottest in the nail beauty segment, gel nails are yet to be completely understood and applied correctly. One must not confuse gel with acrylic. Though gel and acrylics are both of the acrylic category and are prepared using the same type of acrylics, they differ in their application. This is primarily because both are made using different procedures, curing techniques, molecular structures, etc.

Here are some basic instructions that will guide you on applying nail gels correctly and professionally without cutting corners.

1) First, if you have any natural shine on your nails, then buff your nails to remove it. Once done, apply one coat of primer and let it dry completely.

2) Take the gel brush and apply the nail gel on your nail, brushing a thin layer starting from your cuticle to your nail tip. The application motion should be similar to applying nail polish. Make sure that the brush hairs don’t come out while applying the gel. If they do, it means you are putting too much of pressure which must be avoided.

3) Once the gel is brushed on your nails, put your hands under a UV light for one to three minutes till the gel dries completely.

4) Now brush on another coat of nail gel as explained in step 2. However, make sure a drop of gel forms on your nail and then slowly spread it on your entire nail.

5) Once again put your hands under the UV light to dry the gel.

6) Perform the procedure again for the 3rd time. This time spread the gel to get an even gel-like uniformity. Once again put your hands under the UV light for drying.

7) Once the gel is completely dried, file your nails to the shape you desire.
In the process of gel nail application, be careful that the gel does not come in contact with your skin as this will cause your nails to lift later. Also, do not apply the gel in excess as this will cause air bubbles to form or lead to uneven curing.

Applying gel nails may appear very simple but it’s not when it comes to doing it yourself. Therefore, it is recommended that you get your gel nails done by a professional nail artist or a nail salon that specializes in it and can do it the right way.

Once you are comfortable with it and are confident of doing it yourself after having it done through a professional, you can try it out yourself next time.

Never Cut Your Nails on a Sunday

According to an old European superstition, you should never cut your fingernails on a Sunday. If you did evil stories would be told about you for a week. Even worse the devil would follow you all week. Cutting fingernails was considered not only work, but also being preoccupied with your outer beauty. This was something that was not tolerated on the day of rest and worship.

Cutting your nails on a Friday was equally unlucky. It was said bad luck and sorrow would strike the home if anyone in the household dared to cut their fingernails on a Friday.

Friday and Sunday were certainly ruled out for cutting fingernails. Playing it safe, many would wait until Monday before cutting their nails. It was told that Monday before noon was a good time to bring out the scissors and cut those nails. Cut your fingernails early Monday morning and you could expect a gift. The saying went on like this. Cut on a Tuesday for thrift, cut on Wednesday for news, cut on Thursday for shoes, cut on Friday for sorrow, cut on Saturday to see your lover tomorrow, cut on Sunday for evil.

In the 19th century it was common superstition that if a mother cut the fingernails of her baby before the child was twelve months old, that child would grow up to become a thief.

Even the Vikings had strong concerns about fingernails. It was believed the ship called Naglfar (nail-ferry), was made solely from fingernails and toenails taken from dead humans. When Naglfar was completed, the Jotunns would sail this ship in battle against the gods. This was the final battle. This was Ragnarok, the end of the world. No dead man was to be buried with uncut fingernails. Every precaution had to be made to unsure that the corpse did not supply more material for building the Naglfar. But all was not lost. After Ragnarok a new world arises. Whatever happened to Naglfar, I do not know.

The Fast and Effective Tips for Applying Gel Nail Polish

The process of application of gel polish seems to be quite simple and it can be applied by anyone who lives at home throughout the day. This type of polish lasts for at least two or three weeks and it retains its brightness and glow for a long period of time.

They have the similar strength as well as natural look just like other types of artificial ones, but they are devoid of odor or other types of problems that are associated with artificial ones. In fact, you are able to find different types of products that allow you to create stunning nails without any kind of difficulty. This article will highlight on a few effective tips that are followed by women before they apply stunning gel polish on them.

The first step is to clean their nails as well as to rub them in the best possible way. Your objective is to allow this type of polish to stick to your nails properly. Once you clean it with remover and once you clean it to remove the edges, the next step that you should follow is to dry your body part before you apply this type of product on it in the best possible way. The final step is to push back the cuticles with the help of cuticle pusher.

The next step is to apply a thin layer of base coat on your body part and then to dry it immediately after application of base paint. If necessary, you can apply another thin layer of base coat on it and you can allow it to dry up in the best possible way.

When you apply it, it is vital that you should not paint cuticles at any point of time. If you do so, there is every possibility that this type of product will be damaged by all possible means. Even if you accidentally use it to cuticle, then it is vital that you should remove it with the help of nail cleanser as quickly as possible.

If you use two or three layers of this type of polish, there is every possibility that you have to devote a long period of time to dry them in the best possible manner. You need to devote two or three minutes before you resume your normal activities. Nowadays, the customers use special ultraviolet light so that they can be dried up quickly.

If they are uneven or if they have tiny bubbles, it is advisable that you should use cushion in order to make the surface smooth and thin. The next step is to remove it from your body part with the help of soap as well as clean water.

In a nutshell, gel polish allows you to keep them beautiful and strong for a long period of time. In fact, their color last for a long period of time and they help you to avoid chipping or smudging issues by all possible means. Plus, you do not have to visit a salon on a regular basis. In fact, you can find out right tools and techniques that help you to decorate them in the best possible manner

Official – Biting your Finger Nails Causes Heart Disease

Scientists at WITS university have discovered that biting your fingernails greatly increases your chances of heart disease. They also have seen a likelihood that you life expectance will be dramatically shortened to that of a heavy smoker.

The heart problems are caused by Bacterial Endocarditis which is an infection of the hearts inner lining (endocardium) and / or the heart valves.
Bacterial Endocarditis occurs when bacteria enters the blood stream, either though Finger Nail Biting or dental procedures. The bacteria then lodges itself heart valves or other damaged heart tissue
This will eventually lead to extensive heart damage which will in turn cause it to fail.

Apart from finger nail biting, you can contract Bacterial Endocarditis through other forms of surgery or dental procedures, teeth whitening is also a culprit. Some other medical procedures (such as colonoscopy, cryoscopy and sigmoidoscopy) increase the risk of bacteria entering the bloodstream.

Flu like symptoms, fever, chills, shaking are signs that you may have contracted Bacterial Endocarditis. You should talk to your doctor immediately. Your doctor will then need to do more tests, such as blood tests and echocardiography (ultrasound) to find out if you have Bacterial Endocarditis.

Usual treatment is a hospital stay for a few days with antibiotics. Antibiotics are usually started intravenously in the hospital, but many people can finish their treatment at home. For more complicated infections, heart surgery may be needed.

Long term damage can occur even if Bacterial Endocarditis is treated. Your heart may be weakened by the infection and may not pump properly, their also may be blood clots or damage to the heart muscle.
People who do not seek treatment for Bacterial Endocarditis may risk facing death.

How to Remove Gel Nails Without Acetone

There are women who are particular about beauty and one of those techniques is having pretty and chic nails. Nowadays there are a lot of ways in beautifying one’s set of nails such as applying nail polish to boost their appearance. But there are also other nail beautifying alternatives that include applying gel nails.

Gel nails are a great choice of artificial nails for women who cannot grow their nails naturally long. This type of artificial nails looks really beautiful and natural in any way. You can even add nail art on it if you want to have unique look of your nails. These nails are made available to various beauty stores and nail salons these days, and are not that expensive. These are actually affordable and are indeed perfect for special occasions like parties and events.

Gel nails may be removed by the use of acetone, but acetone is harmful for nails and skin. Plenty of women prefer to use acetone-free gel nail removal techniques, and the best thing you can do is to go to a nail salon and have your nails removed by a nail professional. They are trained and skilled beauty technicians who know how to remove them safely. However, if you choose to remove them yourself, there are many acetone-free gel removal techniques that are easy to do.

Foil Wrap Removal Method

The first thing you should do is prepare your gel nails for removal by taking off all traces of enamel and the surface is rubbed with a 240 grit file. Dip the remover in a bowl of warm water for about two minutes and making sure not to exceed five minutes. Use one of the following to drench with remover: a gauze pad, a cotton ball or a cotton pad, to be placed on top of the enhancement surface. Next is to cover the cotton pad securely in a square tin foil to avoid evaporation, and leave this for about 30 minutes. You may check for development with a cuticle pusher to make sure the product is completely removed. When it is done, rub the surface of the nails to ensure all gel nails have been effectively taken off. Then rinse your hands thoroughly, and apply hand lotion to condition your nails and skin.

The Bowl Soaking Method

These nails should be prepared for removal as well with the use of a 240-grit nail file. Use a bowl to fill with warm water, and mix in the remover enough for soaking your fingers. Cover your hands with a towel and leave for 20 to 30 minutes. After lifting and patting dry your hands, continue removing the gel nail with a cuticle pusher